Launge event

Antarktikos #1 - Mapping Nature

19 May 2022 18:00 - 20:00 hr. 
Omniversum, The Hague

To Celebrate the birth of the Antarktikos magazine, short films from ANTARKTIKOS contributors of the first issue, Mapping Nature, followed by the BBC film Antarctica, will be screened in the giant dome of the 180 degrees cinema with a 840m2 screen.

This event is a collaboration between NWO, APECS-NL and Dutch Arctic Circle. It is the closing event of the Dutch Polar Symposium that takes place next door at the Museon.

You are very welcome to attend. This is a free event for Antarktikos friends and visitors of the Polar Symposium. If you wish to attend otherwide, then we would like to ask you to order the Antarktikos magazine online or at the Omniversum during the event.

President Kennedylaan 5
2517 JK The Hague
The Netherlands