Mission Statement

Antarktikos is aimed at professionals in the field, scientists studying Antarctica and artists and scientists whose research is related to the kinds of environmental questions that Antarctica proposes. The journal intends to inspire international science-based collaboration. Specifically, it aims to encourage collaborations between art and science. Antarktikos believes the mutual reinforcement of art and science can help in the search for ‘relevant’ questions and answers to contemporary environmental and political issues. *
Antarktikos magazine puts its readers in contact with the continent of Antarctica. Therefore, it is intended for a worldwide readership of people interested in Antarctica. *
Very few people have the opportunity of visiting Antarctica – a limitation necessary for Antarctica’s preservation. This magazine’s goal is to allow those for whom Antarctica remains inaccessible to experience its richness and magic. For the roughly 75,000 people a year that travel to Antarctica, the Antarktikos journal will provide substantive background information that will support visitors to become ambassadors for the protection of Antarctica and our worldwide environment.

You can pre-order the magazine here until February 14, 2021.