Submission Process

Criteria and Guidelines

* All content must be submitted by 21 June 2021.

* Contributions can only be submitted by completely filling out the ‘Antarktikos Application Form’. Link.

* The open call for submissions is an open invitation for responses related to the topic of ‘Mapping Nature’ and must include Antarctica.

* Prospective contributors, including scientists, artists, designers, architects, academics, activists, cities, universities, public institutions, companies, and social organizations, are invited to apply and submit their definite proposal.

* Prospective contributions, including all forms of scientific research; natural sciences, social sciences, formal sciences and applied sciences.
All forms of art including visual arts, performing arts and applied arts such as photography, painting, sculpture, music, literature, design, film, architecture.

* The Antarktikos open call seeks research papers, research articles, artwork, portfolios, articles, poems, exhibitions, photos, designs, drawings, maps, interviews, screenplays, books, prose, and so on.

* Applicants can submit various proposals but must complete and submit the Antarktikos application form and all attachments for each proposal separately.

* An essential part of Antarktikos is the appendix of scientific papers, some of which have already been published. For submission add a high-res PDF of the paper.

* If your submission ‘work/research/project’ is collaborative, then each collaborator has to complete a form for correctly crediting each individual.

* All submissions must be completed drafts – please no unfinished concepts or ideas still requiring work.

* All images must be submitted as individual files (JPEG, TIFF) 300 dpi and minimum A4. Please submit the title and photo credits in the filename. Captions can be submitted in a PDF text file.

* Submitted contributions should be already copy-edited. For quality assurance, an external copy-editing is carried out.

* Applications may be submitted only in English.

* To include your publication in Antarktikos magazine, instead of filling in the form, email for the postal address to send your publication.

* If you like to add an event to the calendar/agenda, please send it to

* Prospective contributors must submit all information, images, drawings, and other material free of any copyright or other rights held by the participant or third parties in order for the material to be duly included in the printed Antarktikos magazines, the digital copy of the Antarktikos magazine and on the Antarktikos website, as well as on websites of collaborating media.

* Participants guarantee they are the legitimate owners of the work submitted and ensure they will not upload any content that is unlawful or that infringes the rights of others, including copyright and generally accepted codes of research ethics. By making any uploaded content, you grant Antarktikos a royalty-free licence to use the content in the printed Antarktikos magazines, the digital copy of the Antarktikos magazine and virtual galleries on the Antarktikos website, as well as on websites of collaborating media.

* Persons or institutions submitting works will be notified no later than 21 July 2021 as to whether their contribution has been selected for publication. We are unable to give detailed feedback to rejected submissions.



* 01 December 2020 (International Antarctica Day) /// Dutch Polar Symposium /// Release of open call for content. 

* 21 December 2020 /// Winter Solstice /// Launch Kickstarter crowd funding and media campaign  

* 21 June 2021 /// Summer Solstice /// Application deadline for content. 

* Juli 2021 - September 2021 /// production of the magazine. 

* October 2021 /// printing and distribution of the magazine. 

* November 2021 (Start of Antarctic Summer Season) /// (Launch of the first issue of Antarktikos magazine.)

* 01 December 2021 (International Antarctica Day) /// Special Event, VIP party to celebrate the first issue + open call for Antarktikos Magazine issue #2.